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The Graduate School,
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(The Secretariat of Association of Chinese Graduate Schools)



ACGS International Forum

ACGS International Forum 2014
October 17-19, 2014
Tianjin China

ACGS International Forum 2012
November 21-23, 2012
Hangzhou China

ACGS International Forum 2009
October 30-November 1,2009
Xi'an China


CGS(Council of Graduate Schools)

EUA-CDE(EUA Council for Doctoral Education)

UK CGE(UK Council for Graduate Education)

CAGS(Canadian Association for Graduate Studies)

DDOGS(Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies in Australia)

NAGS(Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools)


The Association of Chinese Graduate Schools (ACGS) was founded in November 1999 and approved by the Ministry of Education of Chinese government. The membership of ACGS is  limited to the deans or  the

executive deans of the 57 graduate schools registered at the Ministry of Education.The objectives of ACGS shall be to promote the construction and administration of graduate schools.>>detail

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